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Brendan just to let you know I thought today’s lesson was great being able to see what an improvement can be made by understanding the process of angles and numbers makes it so much easier to go out and practice as the more work that goes in the sooner you will see the benefits. I finished of the basket of balls today and once I practiced the proper swing you showed me a few times between hitting each ball if just went exactly where it was supposed to go looking forward to next week thanks.

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hi Brendan, just a quick note to say cheers for tonights lesson, it was hugely beneficial & I think the trackman is a super addition. thanks again & see you on the 6th, stephen o’f

Gold Lessons with Brendan Mc Daid Aidan McLaughlin Testimonial

Brendan has helped me transform my game from a willing beginner to an 18 handicapper in the space of 12 months. His technique centres on providing an understanding of the fundamentals of the game and then builds a swing technique tailored to the individual’s needs. His approach allows me to concentrate on core elements of my game when out playing and then refines them in the practice sessions. Working with Brendan has helped me love the game of golf and I never hesitate recommending his classes to friends or colleagues.

Peter Lawrie

Brendan has been the best coach ever and I would highly recommend him to anyone from beginners to pros who are looking to improve their game from driving to putting.



Brendan has an impressive knowledge of the game but more importantly he can share his knowledge very simply and efficiently. While some coaches confuse players with technical info Brendan’s style of coaching is simple and enjoyable and you leave a lesson feeling that you now exactly what you must do to improve and also where you previously were making mistakes.

A coach is only as good as his players and the fact that European Tour players and top Irish amateurs remain loyal to Brendan speaks for itself.


I have been a high handicap player for several years; I used to play well but lost it completely, couldn’t get it back and was going to quit the game for good. I hit slices, duck hooks, shanks and anything else you can think of. Then I was referred to Brendan McDaid for the answer.

I have had only four sessions with Brendan and now I have started to play 2 or 3 strokes under my handicap (which is soon to be reduced)….only because of Brendan’s teaching methods. I now know what I have been doing wrong and how to correct it thanks to Brendan.

It is, once again, a joy to be on the course and KNOW that I can play well and have fun. If you (or anyone you play golf with) need help with your game, want to improve your already steady game , or want begin to learn to play the game of golf, CONTACT BRENDAN McDAID as soon as you can, you will not be disappointed…, he has saved my game and he will save your as well. I can’t say enough about how easy his instructions are or about his way of encouraging his students.

Dereks Swing

We worked closely with Brendan on several corporate outings. His attention to detail with the clients and guests was exceptionally high. This was followed up with individual swing analysis DVDs, which were forwarded to the client after the event.

Brendan also ran group lessons with the guests when they returned from their game of golf. On the DVD, Brendan allowed time for the client to welcome their guests for the day, with a corporate message from their company.

Thomas Neenan

One of the best sayings that I have come across in sport was in a newspaper article about Jerry Flannery the rugby player, where he said that “bad coaches coach generalisations, and good coaches coach spefics”.

I think this is very relevant to golf where as amateurs, we all have weaknesses or nuances in our golf swings. Brendan’s main talent is in his ability to identify what is causing your bad shots and also what you need to work on to bring your game to the next level. He does not work on generalisations or asthethic parts of the swing without a justifiable reason.

In addition to this, the practice drills that Brendan gives are an important part of the improvement process and they provide a level of feedback that allows you to monitor your own progress in between lessons so that you are getting value for money.

If you are to analyse the age profile of the world’s most renowned teaching professionals they normally reach their prime in the autumn of their lives (e.g. Butch Harmon, Bob Torrance, David Leadbetter). And without doing Brendan a dis-service he is now reaching his prime!

Junior Golf Camp Limerick

Well done, your now the best underage coach ever, what a result yesterday, to do that once in the Fred Daly is good but to do it a second time in 3 years and win the under 15 last year from a small number of juniors in Rathsallagh is just fantastic.

What a result and you started almost all of those young fellows off with their very first lesson. The whole panel (10) were superb in how they acquitted themselves.‘Best underage coach ever’.

Well done, Top Man.

Karl Macginty – Irish Independent

Thanks for that lesson the other day. First of my life at age 56!!! Did the exercises last night and again today before going up to Leopardstown to hit a few balls off the grass at the back of the range – don’t like those mats. Frankly, I couldn’t believe the difference the grip and the stretches made.

I’m turning my right hand over as far as it’ll go on the club and it feels great. More to the point the ball is flying straight … and, after doing the prescribed stretches in between each shot, as far as 125-135 yards with little or no effort. Also caught myself following through and finishing up with the left toecap on the ground.

All I can say is ‘wow’ …mind you, I’m a bit stiff and knackered but it was worth it. I won’t forget this man …

Thanks for all the videos.

Niall (Limerick)

My lessons with Brendan are really paying off, Got cut to 9 two weeks ago after a 69 in a medal and had 41pts in a cup today which should get me cut to down to 8.

Colin (Dublin)

Having access to a PGA tour coach of Brendan’s calibre is fantastic. By taking regular lessons I have seen huge improvements in my game. He truly cares about the results you have out on the course after his instruction. Brendan is really personable and so the lessons are always enjoyable.

His coaching is simple, intelligent and genuine. I would wholeheartedly recommend Brendan to any golfer looking to improve.

Ray (Wicklow)

Hi Brendan, just to let you know your job is safe!! You might remember you said you’d quit teaching if I didn’t get down to 8 by the end of summer -cut to 7.3 today. We’ll have to get together to plan how to get to 5 when I get back from holidays.


Since I have started working with Brendan last year my game and confidence has improved immensely. My swing has is more reliable and short game is sharper through his guidance while all the time lowering my scores. Brendan is a top class coach and what’s more, a true gentleman”.


My drive, always consistent, completely disintegrated recently and I was unable to correct it myself. I went to Brendan. Within a week, he had me hitting far better drives. He was able to identify and correct my faults immediately in a very straightforward manner and I could relate to his coaching technique easily.

He is very encouraging no matter what level you are at and is very dedicated to his craft. I cannot speak highly enough of how impressed I am with his coaching skills. He is superb and I will continue to work with him.

Fergus (Limerick)

Had loads of lessons from Brendan over the years. I’ve followed him from cork to Dublin and Kildare. Which says a lot about the quality of his coaching because I live in limerick. Delighted to hear Brendan is based in limerick now every Friday.

Shirley (Limerick)

When I started getting lessons from Brendan my handicap was 10 now it’s 4. We have had a great journey on the way and now I have a new friend also. Thank you Brendan.

Niall Hickey

Brendan’s Golf Lessons took me from a 19 handicap to a 3 handicap in 4 months. Thanks Brendan!

John Mc Co Clare

After years of talking about it, I finally decided to get a few lessons and was recommended Brendan by a low handicapper friend of mine. Brendan has a wealth of experience and has the ability to coach and get his point across in a friendly, relaxed and uncomplicated manner. I was amazed by how much my swing and accuracy improved in just a couple of lessons. I would highly recommend Brendan if you are looking to improve any aspect of your golf.


D Nagle (Limerick)

Your putting lesson has had an immediate effect. I had 28 putts in my first round today using your new putting method, in doing so it helped reduce my handicap from 5 to 4.

Evelyn (Carlow)

Hi Brendan, just wanted to let you know that I won the top nett score in the Lady Captains yesterday with 66. I didn’t play the first round on Tuesday because I was in Tralee but the top score both days was 75. I got cut 4 shots. My first individual prize ever, absolutely thrilled!!

Brian (17, Dublin)

Shot one over par this evening on the back nine in Edmonstown. Really pleased with it and my ball striking!! Thanks a million
Powerful grip with a powerful swing now!! Really looking forward to tomorrow now! Thanks so much Brendan.

John Mc Co Clare

Won 3 times in last 3 weeks. Travelling next week but will book another miracle lesson soonest

Evelyn (Carlow)

Thanks for today Brendan – it was a great help. Hopefully I can deliver on it.

Thomas Neenan

Hi Brendan. U r flavour of the month with CJ! Played with her in weekly Comp 2day. She had 46 points! Every good shot was ‘on plane!’ she is thrilled. I had 35 pts. Improved but offer work. Thanks Brendan.

D Nagle (Limerick)

Hi Brendan, I shot -1 in Claremorris yesterday. Played very well, I had 5 birdies. Very happy with how I’m swinging it.
Brendan thank you very much for the lesson today was the best one I have ever had.

Golf Testimonials

Great lesson. Worked on drills to fab effect. Many thanks See you soon

Golf Lessons

Brendan’s number was passed on to me in my home club by a fellow member. To be honest, I assumed the guy must be a buddy of his. He was a bit too full of praise for him.
I decided to check it out and booked a lesson in August.
I knew after 10 mins that I’d be booking a few more. His teaching suited me perfectly. His down to earth demeanour had me at ease instantly. The instruction was clear and easy to understand. His hands-on approach and use of drills gave me a real feel for what it was he wanted me to implement & practise. The video analysis was the icing on the cake. Essentially, I have a video record of all 3 lessons, that I regularly refer to, thanks to the recordings he has emailed me.
I played off 14 in August. My third lesson with Brendan was in late September and now a month later, I play off 9. It’s no surprise I’ll be seeing him again.
I’m sure there are many at the club who think I’m a buddy of his now, because whenever I’m asked about my swing/progress, I pass on Brendan’s number with a few superlatives thrown in!



Thanks again Brendan for your help.

I really see the difference it makes when I turn my hips fully on the back swing. I tried the new chipping swing out on the course yesterday also and my chips were vastly improved directionally speaking, I just need to work on my distances!

I’m looking at getting myself a new set of clubs in the near future. Having seen my swing and how I hit the ball, can you recommend any club type for me? Could you advise what shaft type would suit my game most?




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Brendan took around 30 of us for group lessons for five weeks. The skill level amongst the group ranged hugely but Brendan was able to cater for each person according to their individual needs. We all found him very personable and I think each one of us came out of the lessons a better golfer. Will be back to him again!”


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Hi Brendan

Off today to play Conwy G/C North Wales (practice) and then down to Royal St Davids G/C 4 days golf comp. I finished in the top ten at Waterville last week all down to you and enjoying my golf so much presently – also down to You



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various-clip-art-pictures-free-golf-clip-art-images-V8X5Al-clipartHi Brendan,

Thanks for sending the videos through. I promised to give you feedback on my performance on the course since our lesson together. Lahinch was a washout so I won’t comment on that. I played yesterday at Walton Heath and took 10 shots off my recent average scores so I wanted to say thanks for a great lesson

Best Regards


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Hole in One Club

Big shout out to my coach Brendan McDaid who sorted out my golf swing for me when I was ready to give up I was so bad, that one was for you baby!

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