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Q & A – Fredrik Tuxen, TrackMan

Brendan Mcdaid ,


A few weeks ago, TrackMan asked Social Media followers what they would like to know if they could ask Fredrik Tuxen the CTO of TrackMan one question. See the selected list of questions here.

Q: Will you measure putting one day?
A: We already measure on puts in a simulator environment, so we now offer a complete simulator experience with the TM4. Going further down this road is something we are exploring!

Q: Where do you see golf ball and club tracking in 5 years time? 10 years time?
A: There will be smaller, more accurate devices that measures even more parameters than today. I think relevant feedback device will be used more and more widely and be a natural part of any training session.

I also see the technology being used more for entertainment in future, and we will probably see a different kind of golf being played on driving ranges that offers some of the same competitive and entertainment values as playing a real golf course but through the use of technology.

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