Practice Putting Drill For The Carpet At Home

Brendan Mc Daid

This I hope is the start of many golf lesson blog posts in relation to the wonderful and sometimes frustrating game of golf.

Brendan McDaid's, putting Drills

While we all love booming the ball down the fairway with our trusty driver the putter which is sometimes not as obviously important as your long game, putting counts for half your strokes on the golf course.

This is a simple golf putting drill, practice for 5 to 10 minutes a few nights a week, this will help you improve your putting action, which will help you putt better,  and in return lower your playing handicap. Ultimately reducing your number of putts will increase your enjoyment and eliminate the frustration in your golf game.

My hope would be that by practicing this drill not only will it help your scores come down but will also give you hours of putting enjoyment. Click Here To View This Putting Drill Along With Other Useful Tips