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Develop good golf habits this winter…not bad

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Bad habits are notoriously hard to break – and this is the time when many golfers develop bad habits that will affect their game right throughout the following year.

The bad habits come from how the weather conditions and lack of daylight see many golfers heading for the driving range during the winter, instead of playing a round like they do on summer evenings or weekends.

While the driving range can be a great way to stay on top of your game, it can also be a way to damage it – because if a small mistake or bad habit begins to creep into your swing, it gets replicated far more often and far more quickly than would normally be the case.

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The Ryder Cup For Love Not Money

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These next few days just outside Minneapolis a dozen golfers, their caddies, half dozen vice captains’ from two differing teams, a whole host of back room officials and hangers on take part in the 2016 Ryder Cup. These being the 41st matches and a battle which already promises to be a bloated commercial exercise that culminates on Sunday evening after the 12 single matches complete between US and European players.

The event now hostage to an endless series of money spinners and one that has taken the original concept of Samuel Ryder well beyond the imagination of even Mark McCormack – the founder of sports management in the last century. But the untimely loss of Arnold Palmer this week is a reminder however of some more basic sporting values, and another great supporter of the tournament and all that was good about golf.

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Great Scott McIlroy Putts for Dough

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Nike recently reported flat to down annual sales last month in its golf business for the last two years at $700 million. A business that has been running since 1984 and introduced the first clubs after bringing in a design team in the year 2000. Its first efforts appeared within a year in the form of the Nike Forged Blades irons and then followed in 2002 with Pro Combo irons, which uniquely combined three different kinds of irons within the same set. Sales in 2013 and 2014 were nearly $800 million a year. The company also had recruited a young Tiger Woods as its clothes peg for shoes and apparel, and ultimately the clubs were to come sometime later. Woods however making that transition to the clubs very gradually – showing a wisdom beyond his years.

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Q & A – Fredrik Tuxen, TrackMan

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A few weeks ago, TrackMan asked Social Media followers what they would like to know if they could ask Fredrik Tuxen the CTO of TrackMan one question. See the selected list of questions here.

Q: Will you measure putting one day?
A: We already measure on puts in a simulator environment, so we now offer a complete simulator experience with the TM4. Going further down this road is something we are exploring!

Q: Where do you see golf ball and club tracking in 5 years time? 10 years time?
A: There will be smaller, more accurate devices that measures even more parameters than today. I think relevant feedback device will be used more and more widely and be a natural part of any training session.

I also see the technology being used more for entertainment in future, and we will probably see a different kind of golf being played on driving ranges that offers some of the same competitive and entertainment values as playing a real golf course but through the use of technology.

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Chance for Lefty to Repair Ryder Cup Legacy

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Not sure if it’s just me. But there seems little hype in Ireland about the 41st Ryder Cup matches at Hazeltine National Golf club next month. May be just my imagination as I’m busy with lessons all day. Suppose it was a bit the same with the Olympic golf also, which all of a sudden last week kicked into action and became interesting. Particularly when Seamus Power made a run up the leaderboard on Sunday reaching the turn in 30 strokes. Only to fade from a chance of the Bronze medal in the last few holes. The Waterford native certainly justifying his selection albeit because the bigger names were no shows. Regardless of the Zika driven thinking of the absentees, Power’s form must be reassuring for a good second half the season in the US.

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Faster Play Needs Slower Greens

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slow_play_1Speed of play on a golf course has become a more concerning issues in the game today with rounds edging towards six hours on some occasions. This issue impacts us all and this week the European Tour addressed the problem with an innovative idea of six-hole golf. With chief executive Keith Pelley insisting golf must embrace new formats and so he plans new events as early as next year. Pelley, who succeeded George O’Grady last year, has been keen to modernise the game and has already permitted players to wear shorts in pro-ams and introduced measures aimed at tackling slow play.

“Golf and tennis has to be a little more open to letting the youth actually participate,” Pelley told BBC Radio 5Live recently. “There’s no question that is something we believe in as well.
“You look at some of the new formats that have been created — when you look at adventure golf, or the brand Top Golf, and there’s one 15 minutes from where I live in Virginia Water. It’s really geared towards millennials, so the way that people are participating in the game is completely different.

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Johnson and Johnson

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Zach+Johnson+Dustin+Johnson+Hyundai+Tournament+P9jB66Vqj9hlPadraig Harrington returns to Scotland once again, the scene of his first major victory in 2007 where he won a play-off at Carnoustie against Sergio Garcia. That victory came in the four-hole play-off – after dropping his one shot lead in regulation on the eighteenth fairway – following a visit to the Barry Burn. A lead which would have secured him the title outright but instead allowed García a putt for the title. Fortunately for Padraig the Spaniard missed.

History now records what happened next and that Harrington won the first of what was to become two Open Championship titles in consecutive years. The trip to Scotland this year has started well with a few good rounds at the Aberdeen Asset Management Scottish Open last week and hint that the Rio bound player is moving into form at the right time. So think he might have a bit of a run this week at Royal Troon. But my favourite would be the American Dustin Johnson, now number two in the world, who is also on a bit of a roll.

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Courses for Beginners

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201273a766b1f7582c555527379aaa04Out of all the people that I give golf lessons to, I particularly enjoy teaching golf to people who are learning to play for the first time.

This is for two reasons:

The first being that I know am teaching somebody to play a game that will give them a lifetime of pleasure. Golf is a fantastic way to get some exercise and fresh air, and provided you know how to play the game and are not spending the whole game worrying about your next shot, it is an amazing way to relax.

The second reason is that most golf beginners are worried that a PGA coach won’t want to give lessons to a beginner because they are not good enough. While in fact it is exactly the opposite.

It is easier to give golf lessons to a beginner as they have not picked up any bad habits on the golf course and therefore can learn to drive, pitch and putt properly from day one and therefore can go on to become good golfers with a decent handicap very quickly.

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One on One – Brendan McDaid

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Brendan McDaid 02“Since qualifying as a PGA Professional in 1985 I have built a reputation as a golfing coach and have gained recognition for my work with top amateurs and professionals. Most notably European Tour Player, Peter Lawrie.”

“Over the years I have also successfully managed and cultivated young golfing professionals, developed extremely successful One Day Golf Schools.”

“My role as European Tour coach for over 13 years allowed me time with some of the world’s leading coaches and work at the cutting edge of coaching developments – throughout Ireland and Europe.“

“As a result the McDaid academy boasts of state-of-art teaching systems including Trackman, GASP Video Analysis, The Explanar, and the S.A.M. PuttLab. Indeed, I was the first Golf Professional to bring to Ireland the ‘Swing Explanar’ which has proved to be one of the most effective tuition devices for all levels of golfers.”

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USGA Statement Regarding Dustin Johnson

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Photo courtesy USGA

The USGA wishes to congratulate Dustin Johnson on his victory and thank him, and the other players in the field, for their professionalism and grace throughout the championship. Dustin is a wonderful champion, a talented golfer and a gentleman.

Our team at the USGA has seen and heard a great deal of discussion and debate about the ruling on Dustin’s ball moving during the final round of the 2016 U.S. Open Championship at Oakmont Country Club. In addition to the explanations we offered upon the conclusion of the final round, we add these comments.

Upon reflection, we regret the distraction caused by our decision to wait until the end of the round to decide on the ruling. It is normal for rulings based on video evidence to await the end of a round, when the matter can be discussed with the player before the score card is returned. While our focus on getting the ruling correct was appropriate, we created uncertainty about where players stood on the leader board after we informed Dustin on the 12th tee that his actions on the fifth green might lead to a penalty. This created unnecessary ambiguity for Dustin and the other players, as well as spectators on-site, and those watching and listening on television and digital channels.

During any competition, the priority for Rules officials is to make the correct ruling for the protection of the player(s) involved and the entire field. In applying Rule 18-2, which deals with a ball at rest that moves, officials consider all the relevant evidence – including the player’s actions, the time between those actions and the movement of the ball, the lie of the ball, and course and weather conditions. If that evidence, considered together, shows that it is more likely than not that the player’s actions caused the ball to move, the player incurs a one-stroke penalty. Officials use this “more likely than not” standard because it is not always apparent what caused the ball to move. Such situations require a review of the evidence, with Decision 18-2/0.5 providing guidance on how the evidence should be weighed.

Our officials reviewed the video of Dustin on the fifth green and determined that based on the weight of the evidence, it was more likely than not that Dustin caused his ball to move. Dustin’s putter contacted the ground at the side of the ball, and almost immediately after, the ball moved.

We accept that not everyone will agree that Dustin caused his ball to move. Issues under Rule 18-2 often require a judgement where there is some uncertainty, and this was one of those instances. We also understand that some people may disagree with Rule 18-2 itself. While we respect the viewpoints of those who disagree, our Committee made a careful and collective judgement in its pursuit of a fair competition played under the Rules of Golf.

In keeping with our commitment to excellence in all aspects of our work on behalf of the game of golf, we pledge to closely examine our procedures in this matter. We will assess our procedures for handling video review, the timing of such, and our communication with players to make sure that when confronted with such a situation again, we will have a better process.

We at the USGA deeply appreciate the support of players, fans, and the entire golf community of our championships and our other work for golf – and we appreciate your feedback as well. We have established an email address ( and phone mailbox (908-326-1857) to receive comments. We thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.

We all share an abiding love of this great game. Let us continue to work together for its good.