Trackman Pro Golf Lessons

Brendan Mc Daid
trackman pro

Brendan McDaid is delighted to now offer his clients the smartest and most accurate 3-D swing and ball analysis tool in the world. TrackMan Pro is used by the elite players of the PGA and European Tour to analyse and better understand their own strengths, weaknesses and areas of their game which need the most attention.

With the help of the TrackMan Pro and Brendan McDaid you will be able to pinpoint exactly what is happening on each of your shots, whether it is a 4 yard pitch or 400 yard drive. Whatever your level or what your personal goals are the TrackMan Pro can help you discover exactly how each of your shots is being played. Providing you with accurate and consistent data you will be able to fully realise and record how tweaks or changes are improving your striking rather than having to rely on guesswork.

The TrackMan Pro uses a unique tracking system based on its state-of-the-art built in high speed camera and its advanced TrackMan Performance Studio software to totally integrate video and data providing the world’s first and only swing and shot analysis tool.

Combined with Brendan’s decades of expertise and knowledge the TrackMan Pro will help deliver a complete coaching and analysis session allowing you to review and alter your game and start seeing tangible results in your play.

The TrackMan Pro offers the following great services:

  • Huge range of data parameters (including delivery, launch, spin, degree angles)
  • Access to data and video of world’s top players
  • Easily shared and viewed online and on the move
  • Real-time and actual 3-D trajectory and tracking

I provide golfers with individual golf lessons using Trackman Pro in:

So join the elite of the world’s players (such as Rory McIlroy, Tiger Woods and Sergio Garcia), coaches and manufacturers and take full advantage of TrackMan Pro’s completely unique set of analytical capabilities with the Brendan McDaid Golf Academy. Call today on 0872436805 or e-mail at: