Courses for Beginners

Brendan Mcdaid

201273a766b1f7582c555527379aaa04Out of all the people that I give golf lessons to, I particularly enjoy teaching golf to people who are learning to play for the first time.

This is for two reasons:

The first being that I know am teaching somebody to play a game that will give them a lifetime of pleasure. Golf is a fantastic way to get some exercise and fresh air, and provided you know how to play the game and are not spending the whole game worrying about your next shot, it is an amazing way to relax.

The second reason is that most golf beginners are worried that a PGA coach won’t want to give lessons to a beginner because they are not good enough. While in fact it is exactly the opposite.

It is easier to give golf lessons to a beginner as they have not picked up any bad habits on the golf course and therefore can learn to drive, pitch and putt properly from day one and therefore can go on to become good golfers with a decent handicap very quickly.



New 2016 Beginners Programme:

When – Every Saturday June and lasts for 6-weeks.

Where – The lessons will be held at the Carr Golf Centre Spawell at Midday.

The programme will cost €75 per person  – with an additional cost of €6 per week for golf balls.

Learn abut the following:


Getting Power Into The Ball

Addressing The Ball

Golf Swing Basics

Correct Golf Posture

The Grip

Golf Shots

Putting Tips For Golf

If you are interested, please enrol by return