Brendan McDaid is one of Ireland's leading PGA golf coaches. He is based at the Carr Golf Centre, Spawell, Dublin.

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What My Students Say

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Brendan just to let you know I thought today’s lesson was great being able to see what an improvement can be made by understanding the process of angles and numbers makes it so much easier to go out and practice as the more work that goes in the sooner you will see the benefits. I

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About Brendan

Brendan McDaid Golf

As a result of growing up in a house where golf was everything I started playing just after learning to walk and was hooked on golf at the age of 18 months.

I was lucky enough to be born in Donegal to two parents who were passionate golfers. My Mother was a keen golfer and played golf for Munster, Connacht  and Ulster. My mother also represented Ireland.

My father was also a keen golfer and played off a handicap of 6...

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Tips & Advice

How To Hit A Golf Ball Farther

To hit a ball further the set-up is very important. But in general the definition for the bio-mechanics have for more distance is, when you get to the top of the back swing that you have a straight left arm and the weight is in your right foot. Then once you start your swing and shift your weight onto your right foot the momentum you start to generate will turn your club into a wild animal. So don't hold back, let it off.

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The Truth About Keeping Your Head Down

A common issues I see while giving lessons to my students is that players are fixated on keeping their head down and staring at the ball. Doing this leads to them becoming tense and rigid. For a player to get the most out of their swing they must be able to give a free swing and let their head come up when they strike the ball.

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